Buying Services

Buying services

We are professionally experienced textile quality control company from Pakistan, while maintaining a positive attitude and improving business opportunities for our customers as well as our vendors.

Sourcing is not just about price, it is about choosing the best fit for the customer, vendor, and product.
Product Development
Developing and ensuring innovative products to bring the edge in market.Staying relevant in the fashion industry by constant research on trends and innovations to share in the best possible way.
Production & Follow-Up
Keeping a unique and strict documented record to ensure a bird’s eye view of the production line is available to our customers.Regularly updating both the customer and vendor on analysis of production timelines.Conducting pre-placements meeting to avoid any testing or production failures.
Final Audit & Detailed Inspection Report
All Quality Control inspections and audits are customized and conducted according to customer specifications.The final inspection/audit is done on 100% packed goods We do not allow under or excess shipment until it is duly approved by the principal Our inspection reports are shared in real time and digital format